When getting ready for a Disney vacation, it always pays to be prepared. With that in mind, here is our helpful packing list of what you should bring to Disney in order to have the happiest day possibly in the parks.

(Note: Here is a link to the official Disney Website if you are looking for a list of banned items in the parks… https://disneyland.disney.go.com/faq/parks/permitted-items/)

Let’s get packing!


  1. Your Backpack!


I always recommend a normal school sized backpack, with comfortable straps and a sleek fabric. It is important that none of the zippers, buttons, or straps are broken because that will be an unwanted hassle for you during the day. Also, the style of bag is important to the individual, if you are used to carrying a backpack don’t bring a purse-style bag, it will get annoying!

Pro tip! Make sure the straps of the pack are long enough that when you are sitting you can easily strap it over one of your legs. On rides like Space mountain, the Matterhorn, and Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, you have to hold the bag by your feet. If you can slip a strap over your leg to secure the bag it will let you enjoy the ride more instead of trying to hold onto your bag.



  1. Light Jacket!

Even if the predicted temperature is 100 degrees, I still always recommend bringing a light jacket. You can use it for the cold, protection from water on Splash Mountain or Grizzly River Rapids, or as a seat cushion when waiting to see a show or parade.

Pro tip! Always pack the jacket first so it sits on the bottom of your bag and you can easily reach all of your other items.


  1. Water!

Bring a water bottle! There are water fountains around the parks and a cup of water is always free at food establishments, so you can fill up anywhere. It does add weight to your bag but staying hydrated is important and cheaper then buying drinks throughout your day to quench your thirst.

Pro tip! What my family always does is use plastic water bottles. Each person that has a backpack brings two or three and we refill those lighter bottles throughout the day.


  1. Snacks!

colbie clip

Disney food can be expensive, that is no secret! If you are on a tight budget, or even a tight schedule, and don’t want to stop for snacks then bring some! I always pack a Ziploc bag of popcorn, pretzels or cheese-its. I also bring non-melting candy and fruit snacks. It is a common misconception that food isn’t allowed to be brought into the parks but it is, so stock up! 

Pro tip! Don’t forget to buy at least one Disney snack, they are delicious and totally worth it.


  1. Electronics!

Bring a portable battery! Taking Instagram-able pictures is just part of the experience but you don’t want your phone to die halfway through the day. Last time I went to the parks I brought two portable chargers for my phone! Also, if have a nice camera and really think you’ll pull out throughout the day and get some shots with it, don’t forget to pack that.

Pro tip! I always keep the portable batteries in the outermost pocket with nothing else in that pocket. This makes it easy to still use your phone while it’s charging and if it is alone it won’t tangle with other items.


  1. Wallet!

Make sure your wallet has a safe place for your admission ticket. Also, since this is a packing list, don’t forget other important things like your credit card or drivers license. But don’t forget it at your hotel, it is a real hassle, I know from experience. 

Pro tip! Since you have to use your ticket in order to use Fastpasses, try to find a small wallet with just the bare necessities. That way, you won’t lose track of it!


  1. Sun Protection!


Besides the cute Mickey Ears, you probably also want to bring a cute baseball cap. Along with protection on the top of your head, you should also protect your eyes and skin. I would recommend bringing sunscreen and sunglasses; in your favorite Disney styles, of course.

Pro tip! If you are worried about a hat messing up your hair, you could always pack a small brush or just throw on mickey ears over it. That way you don’t have to care. 


  1. Space to bring home souvenirs!

If you’re at a Disney park you will most likely find something that you love and purchase it! So, make sure you have room to carry it around the parks so it doesn’t became a problem later in the day. Or if you collect something specific, bring things to accommodate your collection. For example I collect maps, so I bring a folder to put them in. That they don’t wrinkle. I also collect pressed pennies, so I bring a small coin purse to hold those too.

Pro tip! Try saving your souvenir shopping until the end of the day. You don’t want your bag to be to heavy! But, don’t forget to check out the various shops as you go through your day around the resort!


Thank you for reading my first post (This is Erin, by the way)! I hope this helps you have an even more magical time on your next Disney visit!


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